Destiny on the Job 9th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 31.10-3.11-2019 – ISTANBUL – Turkey

Türkiye’de ilk kez 31.10 / 3.11.2019 tarihleri arasında düzenlenecek olan 9. ‘Destiny On the Job’ konferansında İstanbul’da sizlerle birlikte olabilmeyi diliyoruz.

The work place can be a platform for individual spiritual development. We experience a growing impulse to build a new human culture for economic and professional spheres. This conference initiative addresses the spiritual dimension behind the phenomena in the workplace.

Who to attend:

The DESTINY ON THE JOB initiative is intended mainly for two kinds of professions:

  • People that consult others (consultants, coaches, mentors, trainers)
  • People that lead or responsibly cooperate with others (entrepreneurs, managers, leaders)

Conference aims:

  • Sensitize people to the spiritual and especially karmic dimension present in organizations
  • Sensitize to the observation and recognition of karmic phenomena in the workplace
  • Become more aware about our activity as facilitators in the development processes at work
  • Share our experiences on this area of research

Why to attend:

It is time to be active. Creating a new future by our daily deeds. Contact with other folk is a great support in renewing our energy. A network set up is being prepared for DESTINY ON THE JOB for ongoing contact and sharing of developments or research. New ideas from practical experiences can support your daily business. Bring in your own topics and activities, we create an open platform for exchange of experience between professionals.

Conference Title:


West and East meeting: Who are you? Who am I? – Meeting one another beyond the limitations and diversities of gender, religion, tradition and culture.

This conference is a challenge: We go beyond the familiar conference places in Central Europe and move to Turkey, to Istanbul, the bridge between the East and the West. This new conference place is a signal: In a world that is moving apart in misunderstanding we come together to build a bridge of understanding. It is an experiment; we do not quite know how it works, but we shall try. The first step is to become aware of who we are with all that which we carry along: burdens of our tradition, history, discrimination, triumphs even. The conference will offer safe spaces where we can share some of it. We call this destiny.

This conference is a challenge also because it quite consciously appeals to business people: Questions of destiny play a vital role in business life, especially if you want to be successful. Do not hesitate, come.

In artistic exercises, in group work, in team coaching situations, in sharing experiences, in having one-to-one karma conversations we want to explore new social techniques. This conference will be a research meeting. Everybody is invited to share her / his experiences and to learn and develop together, to meet new challenges in everybody’s work life.

It is high time to understand destiny in our professional life. Without this understanding we cannot solve the social problems and needs of today.

Time: Begin Thursday 31 October 2019 at 16.00 pm (registration, coffee and warm up at 15 pm) End Sunday 3 November 2019 at 14.00 pm

Extra day with organized program: Begin Wednesday 30 October 2019 at 14.00 and will continue on Thursday morning . Those who wish to stay a bit longer can come a day before to visit some special sites in Istanbul. The extra day is not part of the conference program.

Venue and Accommodation: Istanbul downtown – KALYON HOTEL

Conference Package for Hotel: 

  • Single Room Package -350 € (3 Nights and Breakfast – 3 Lunches – Coffee Breaks – 3 Dinners – Meeting Rooms)
  • Double Room Package -300 €/per person (3 Nights and Breakfast – 3 Lunches – Coffee Breaks – 3 Dinners – Meeting Rooms)
  • Extra day for Hotel: Single room for 1 night € 55 , Double room for 1 night € 32,50 /per person


Cancellation within 15 days before = 15% penalty
Cancellation after = 50% penalty

For those not staying in the Hotel:

The cost of each lunch / dinner is € 25 and the cost of each coffee break is €5

Conference Fee: € 200 cash during the conference

Registration: before 12.09.2019 to be sent to: (to the attention of Miss Ozlem Ardic) and (Mrs Arzu Isguden)

The Destiny on the Job – Team

Shirley van Houten
Hans Supenkämper
Arzu Isguden
Gigliola Rosini
Gabriella Vigo
Larsu Salonen
Robert Hell

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